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Welcome to's® Company News section! Here we will not only cover all of our staff happenings and company events, but all the additions to our fleet of sites. We'll keep you up to date on our latest flooring websites, online tools, and upcoming things we have in the pipeline. For a quick update on what's new and exciting at, visit the Company News page regularly.

Get Eco–Friendly With™

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December 8, 2008, saw the launch of's sister site™, the premier green flooring website on the Internet. The site helps consumers buy and install flooring in an environmentally friendly way. Twelve major flooring types are looked at from an eco–friendly perspective, as are the leading green organizations, certifications and sources of green flooring education. A "What's New" section keeps site visitors up to date on the latest green flooring news and products, serves up the most recent green blogs and articles from staff writers, and is home to a calendar of relevant events.

In addition to looking at green flooring, there is a section of the site devoted to green flooring accessories (underlays, adhesives, etc.). The green site also shares popular features with, such as the Quick Click Floor Estimator™, detailed buying and installation guides, and the popular Friendly Flooring™ section.™ has been developed to help flooring consumers understand when a floor is really "green" so that they may make informed decisions about this important part of their home. No other site on the Internet does this as well as™, and with the site expanding regularly, it will only get better with time.™ – The Information Resource for Flooring Professionals

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When was launched in August of 2008, the goal was for it to be the largest, most useful site on the Internet for flooring consumers. Those goals were achieved rapidly and the company turned its focus to the other side of the flooring business: the professionals who make everything happen. And so, late January, 2009, will see the launch of the new–look™, the ultimate resource and meeting place for flooring manufacturers, retailers and cleaners. Here, pros will be able to get listed so that potential clients and customers can find them with ease. They can also join in the forums and exchange questions, answers and ideas with industry colleagues.™ is also the place to find top–drawer online training, info on industry certifications, informative blogs and some handy FAQs. "As a former flooring professional myself, I saw the need for a thorough, easy–to–use site for folks in the industry," said founder and CEO Damien Patton. "™ fills that need because it's been designed from the point of view of the professional."™ – Fantastic Flooring Solutions Caught on Tape
website, your source for flooring related videos

The flooring industry is already buzzing about™ – the latest Internet offering from As the name implies,™ is a gold mine of video clips covering all aspects of flooring: product reviews, training videos, interviews, cleaning, events and, of course, flooring installations. The site has been designed for easy usability and includes closed captioning in both English and Spanish. There'll also be a rating system so visitors can rate the videos they watch. And site visitors can even submit their own videos for posting on™. Launching in January, 2009,™ is the next big thing in flooring information on the Internet!

Coming Soon! Our Product Reviews Site

In the first quarter of 2009, will be launching a website devoted entirely to reviews of flooring products. Tools, trims, adhesives, underlays, finishes, the latest flooring surfaces and more will go under the microscope. Ensuring that the information is not only impartial but also insightful, the reviews will be written by experts from around the world. This will be cutting–edge information aimed at taking the guesswork out of flooring purchases and saving floor consumers money. Check back at this page for updates on the launch of our reviews site.

Quick Click Floor Estimator™

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November, 2008, saw the rollout of's Quick Click Floor Estimator™. This handy online tool – available free at – allows users to do quick calculations for their new flooring installation. The area of flooring needed, the waste factor, and even the cost of the job can be calculated quickly and accurately. Using basic floor templates and a simple click–and–drag system, customers can replicate the exact size and shape of the room to be floored. There are easy–to–follow instructions at each step and the results can be printed out and taken with when the shopping begins. Available to all, the Quick Click Floor Estimator™ is a flooring buyer's handiest tool. CEO's Radio Show a Big Success

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Back in September, founder and CEO Damien Patton – a former top pit man on the NASCAR circuit – hit the airwaves with his own radio segment. "Speed Beat" on FOX Sports Radio Las Vegas 920AM, airs every Sunday evening at 10pm. On the show, Damien looks at all the current happenings in the world of NASCAR and motor sports in general. Over the ensuing months the show has gone from strength to strength and added another string to Damien's bow. "It's been great fun getting back into NASCAR even if I'm not actually out on the circuit," he said.